Sunday, July 16, 2006

James Dean Quote on Immortality

Just watched a documentary on James Dean. Wow. He was a very interesting actor, artist and human. This quote is so true.

"I think there is only one form of greatness for man. If a man can bridge the gap between life and death. I mean, if he can live on after he has died, then maybe he was a great man. To me the only success, the only greatness, is immortality."

-- James Dean

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Phillip Pike

Lorne was at a 10th birthday party for a school friend today. Lorne says his friend is arab. I was reminded of a friend I had a Lescon Public School when I was in grade 5 or 6 - Phillip Pike.

I did a search on "Phillip Pike" and came up with this article on him.

He is now a film maker and his first video, Songs Of Freedom, is a 75-minute long documentary on the lives of gay and lesbian Jamaicans.

"Arriving in Canada from Jamaica in 1971 and moving to the Toronto neighbourhood of North York with his family."

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

(Lord) Stanley's Angels

caniac nation 06
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Wow the women are ugly down south!!

Saw these three on the CBC Hockey Night in Canada coverage of Game 7. I guess they don't shave during the playoffs either.

Daddy Rocks

Daddy Rocks
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Happy Father's day to me. Kids did these in Cross Country (Sunday School). Daddy rocks and a Lindsay rock is the small one. Lindsay did the one on the left. Lorne the one on the right.

"God the Father is the perfect one,
He loves me just as he loved his son,

I'm God's gift to my Dad you see,
My Dad rocks because he loves me!

Happy Father's Day!" - written by Jenn from Marshall Memorial.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No Space for Rent

I always remember a "Candid Camera" tv show scene which showed a great lesson for life.

The show had set up a situation where a small vendor displayed a sign announcing "NO CHANGE GIVEN." As people stopped by to buy an item, the vendor would not provide change.

Most everyone became upset. Several people became furious, calling this whole scheme ludicrous.

However, one man politely accepted his short-changed return and walk off without incident. When the host stopped the guy and asked about his non-reaction, he gave the simple answer, "I don't let people rent space in my head."

I'm pretty good at avoiding letting people rent space in my head - but I'm far from perfect in that regard.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jann Arden will be inducted to Walk of Fame.

Just two days older than me, I'm very pleased Jann Arden is going to be inducted in to Canada's Walk of Fame. I will be sure to visit her star. Her profile explains why she is a great candidate for this honour.


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Spirit of Harriet Tubman

Leslie McCurdy in "The Spirit of Harriet Tubman" Saw this amazing show in Oakville on Sunday February 26, 2006. It was excellent. My kids (6 and 9) were totally in to the show, as well as everyone else in the theater.

Leslie McCurdy also answered questions for 45 minutes following the show - which was much appreciated by all those in attendence.

Made me want to learn more about Harriet Tubman as well.

This is a must see!

Later - The most bizarre thing happened. I accidentally posted this to another test blog I did for Pam a year ago. It generated an email to her of the posting. She emails me to check if I sent it. I replied sorry, yes it was an accident. She replies:

"I’m glad you saw it! It was great to get your review, and the website.

Coincidentally, I am going tonight with my 3 kids, (8, 12, 14) so it was helpful to have a glowing review. I was afraid my youngest would be too young, but now I wont worry."


Harriet's spirit at work???

Monday, November 21, 2005

The 148,000 "NO'S"

by: Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. from: "What to Say When You Talk to Yourself"

During the first 18 years of our lives, if we grew up in a fairly average, reasonably positive homes, we were told "No!," or what we could NOT do, more than 148,000 times!

If you were a little more fortunate, you may have been told "No," only 100,00 times, or 50,000 times--however many, it was considerably more negative programming than any of us needs.

Meanwhile, during the same period, the first 18 years of your life, how often do you suppose you were told what you CAN DO or what you CAN ACCOMPLISH in life?

A few thousand times? A few hundred?

During my speaking engagements to groups across the country, I have had people tell me they could not remember being told what they COULD accomplish in life more than three or four times!

Whatever the number, for most of us the "yes's" we received simply didn't balance out the "no's."

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